Skin Care


Acne is a common problem that almost everyone in the world is afflicted by so, do not think that you’re alone. If you are reading this, rest assured because you might find something that will help your situation. There are many others also struggling with this issue and have tried many ways to get rid of zits. One thing to note however, these are tips that are recommended and not to be used with the assumption and expectation of a miracle happening.

A walk down the aisle in your local grocery or pharmaceutical store tends to overwhelm the confused and often desperate individual seeking help for his/her embarrassing affliction. There are many different types of acne treatments available in the market and one can get lost choosing a suitable product off the shelves. The benefits of one product against the benefits of another, the trustworthiness of the brand, the horror of purchasing a product that further aggravates the situation versus a product that does no visible help.

There are a total of five recommended types of food to avoid to reduce your skin problems. The first one is fat. Eating too much fat results in a decrease in nutrient and oxygen delivery in the bloodstream. Without adequate absorption of nutrients and oxygen by the cells, the easier it is for pimples to form. Frankly, fat is a factor in most diseases so it is a win-win for your health and appearance.

The second types of food to avoid are dairy products. Milk, ice cream and cheese are examples of dairy products, which often contain high levels of fat. Yes, fat, the evil dark lord of zit problems. Do not fall into the dark side people.

The third types of food to avoid are refined carbohydrates. Often, refined carbohydrates contain little to no nutrients and require the body to makes use of its own resources, possibly resulting in a deficiency of important vitamins or minerals or enzymes. The over taxation of the body contributes to your problem.

The fourth type of food is simply caffeine. Many people drink caffeine to keep awake or revitalize themselves, but what they do not know is that it affects the body and it’s ability to sleep. Sleep is an important regenerative component of the body to rebuild and repair itself. The purposeful neglect of this important stage, because of the effects of caffeine, results in the increase in possibility of having a breakout.

Finally, one should avoid foods that are processed. It is the same concept as refined carbohydrates. Anything that has been to the factory or treated artificial isn’t good for the body.

The key to this is really moderation.  The combined effect of eating healthily, getting enough sleep and a suitable product for one’s skin will help reduce the outbreak of zits.