Cancer Treatment

Cancer is currently a chronic health problem that is always good to treat during early stages in order to acquire better results in return. There are many types of cancers and their treatment will always be dependent over its type and severity. Some types of cancers like breast, skin, testicles, mouth, rectum and prostate can be diagnosed easily through self examination procedures. It is always a safe practice to address cancer before the symptoms can turn into severity. Unfortunately, most of these cases are nowadays diagnosed and detected after the development of the tumor.

Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer is in general diagnosed through physical examination procedure and based up on the medical history. There are laboratory tests like urine, blood, and stool to detect abnormalities those are clear indications of cancer presence. If the cancer reached to the tumor status, then imaging tests like CT Scan, X Ray, MRI Scan, fiber optic endoscopy, ultrasound and some more should be carried out. It will reveal with more serenity about the cancer location and its size. Here, confirmation of the cancer is normally concluded through biopsy, which will be carried out through collecting the tissue sample from the tumor location. This will be studied and checked for cancer under microscope.

Cancer Treatment

Confirmed cancer cases will be tested further to understand specifics of the problem. This kind of follow up on the confirmed cases is called as staging. This staging is mainly to judge and understand the severity of cancer and its status about spreading to other areas of the body. For example, cancer is not confirmed, but symptoms persist, then it requires further test procedures on the patient. Also, it is a good approach to take once again specialist opinion on the confirmed cancer through biopsy too. Confirmed cancer cases are treated basing up on the type and treatment will be planned to eradicate tumor or in some cases to slow down its growth. It may consist of combination of surgery along with chemotherapy, radiation therapy and some more like immunotherapy or hormone therapy.

Cancer Supportive Treatment

It is very common to add cancer treatment with supportive care too from the nurses and other professionals. The main aim of this supportive care is to ensure pain relief, other symptoms reduction, maintains constant health, to improvise life quality, and to offer emotional, logical and physical support to the patient. This supportive care is in general available as additional service or through rehabilitating patients. Most of the cancer cases are witnessing significant success rate through the added supportive care too.

Deferent Cancer Treatments are

  •     Anal Cancer
  •     Blood Cancer
  •     Bone Cancer
  •     Brain Cancer
  •     Breast Cancer
  •     Carcinoid Cancer
  •     Cervical / Cervix Cancer
  •     Colon Cancer
  •     Endocrine Cancer
  •     Esophageal / Oesophageal Cancer
  •     Gallbladder Cancer
  •     Gastro-intestinal Cancer
  •     Haemangioma
  •     Head and Neck Cancer
  •     Kidney Cancer / Renal Cancer
  •     Larynx Cancer
  •     Leukaemia
  •     Liver Cancer
  •     Lung Cancer
  •     Lymphomas
  •     Mesothelioma
  •     Metastatic Cancers
  •     Mouth Cancer
  •     Multiple Myeloma
  •     Myelodysplastic Syndrome
  •     Nervous System Cancer
  •     Oral Cavity Cancer
  •     Ovarian Cancer
  •     Pancreatic Cancer
  •     Prostate Cancer
  •     Rectal Cancer
  •     Sarcoma
  •     Skin Cancer
  •     Stomach Cancer
  •     Testicular Cancer
  •     Thyroid Cancer
  •     Tongue Cancer
  •     Urinary Bladder Cancer
  •     Uterine Cancer