Cosmetic Care

There are plenty of cosmetic procedures to choose basing up on your interest and skin type. These procedures in general range from mild to surgical procedures. Here, normal skin care will be very quick after the noninvasive and mild cosmetic procedures while surgical treatment needs more time to recover for your skin as there will be chances of injury in the process. Some of the cosmetic procedures those are successful in keeping your skin intact is:

  • Microdemabrasion.
  • Nonabalative laser surfacing treatments.
  • Mild chemical peeling procedures.
  • Botox or fillers.

Some of the cosmetic procedures those are capable enough to leave open wounds or the broken skin is:

  • Deep chemical peeling procedures.
  • Ablative laser treatment procedures.
  • Surgical treatments like eyelift, rhinoplasty, and other facelift procedures.

Recovery from Cosmetic Procedure or Surgery


  1. As mentioned above, some scarring or open wounds and some more are common results through some of cosmetic procedures. Here, healing will take time at the same time having some chances for discoloration too. It is imperative here to prevent this pigmentation through the best practices. Experts always suggest using mild or hypoallergenic items such as non soap cleanser and fragrance free moisturizers. This will help you to control discoloration problem.
  2. It is important to avoid exposure with natural sun light few days after the cosmetic procedure. It is good to use sunscreen, when it is must to go out under direct sun. High SPF in sun light tends block the skin pores and it is always good to keep away from this happening for few days after your cosmetic surgery.
  3. It is highly important to let your wound heal on its own rather trying to speed it up through peeling scabs or skin after your cosmetic treatment. This will ruin the situation to further extent and often leads to scarring too.
  4. Hydrate your skin as much as possible whether it is a cosmetic surgery or minor treatment. Drink daily more than 8 glasses of water and this will rejuvenate the skin inside out besides flushing out toxins successfully too.

It is a myth now that cosmetic procedures as costly and you can avail any kind of cosmetic treatment nowadays at the affordable prices successfully. There are many numbers of procedures available to improve your confidence levels and to make you look attractive. These cosmetic procedures are safe and effective always under the experts’ supervision and treatment.

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery provided are

  •     Eyes
  •     Lip
  •     Ear
  •     Facial rejuvenation surgery
  •     Fat injection
  •     Rhinoplasty
  •     Genioplasty
  •     Cosmetic Breast Surgery
  •     Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)
  •     Liposuction
  •     Post bariatric cosmetic surgery
  •     Non surgical facial rejuvenation
  •     Hair Transplantation