A dentist is a doctor that looks after your oral health. The main aim of every dentist is to provide the best oral health as well as to keep the natural teeth for the entire life of their patients. But, very often dental problems cause into a great issue here for these doctors. We see still cavities as the prevalent chronic issue for teeth since childhood. Also, many individuals all over the world fail to witness the necessity of a dentist at regular intervals and they think that a dental specialist is necessary, whenever there is a pain or some issue. Here, it is important for all to understand that dental check up at regular intervals is minimum responsibility and this will keep your oral hygiene intact besides taking better care of your natural teeth in a way they can last longer.

The Role of Dentist

There are some strict responsibilities for every dentist while treating their patients and those are:

  • Check and diagnose oral diseases.
  • Oral health promotion and prevention of oral diseases.
  • Developing suitable treatment plans for maintaining or for restoring oral health of the patient.
  • Interpreting diagnostic tests and X-rays.
  • Safe administration of the anesthetics.
  • Monitoring the development and growth of jaws and teeth.
  • Performing suitable and right surgical procedures on teeth, soft tissues and bone of oral cavity.

Dentist Areas of Care

It is a pretty common myth that a dentist is a doctor that takes care of teeth and gums. But, a dentist caring areas are not alone teeth and gum, but also includes muscles of head, jaw and neck, tongue, nervous system, head & neck, salivary glands and some more areas too. A dentist will check the teeth and gums during the comprehensive check, but it will be extended further too for finding out swellings, lumps, ulcerations, discolorations, abnormalities, and some more. They will conduct biopsies and some other diagnostic tests too, whenever there is a necessity too. Sometimes, these doctors will conduct screening tests basing up on the symptoms for the oral cancer too.

Oral health is definitely an important aspect in everyone’s life and it should be taken better care without fail. Many recent studies and researches concluded that there is an association between varieties of general health conditions and oral health. This is clearly indicating, how important for us all to be attentive towards our oral health. It is always a wise decision now to include dental visits for your children since their first birthday. This will add well into their routine in a way oral health care will be regular for them.

Dental Treatment offered are

  •     Dental Implants
  •     Dental Crowns, Bridges and Veneers
  •     Complete Smile Makeover
  •     Teeth Bleaching or Teeth Whitening
  •     Orthodontic Care
  •     Root Canal Treatment
  •     Periodontal Surgery
  •     Maxillofacial Surgery – Oral Surgery
  •     Cosmetic Dentistry
  •     Prosthetic Dentistry
  •     Laser Dentistry
  •     Sleep Disorder
  •     Mouth Breathing
  •     Patakara – Lip trainer appliance