Ayurveda, a sanskrit word can be splitted as “Ayur” which means Life and “veda” which means Science. Its speciality is to completely degrade the root of diseases and a permanent relief from them. This medical treatment is one of the oldest medical systems that originated more than 3,000 years ago in India and still remains at its excellent level as the traditional health care system of the country.

Concepts of ayurveda :Ayurveda arrives from different extends and compassion of life. According to ayurveda, the body grows within you, so the health also grows within you.


Preference of India for ayurvedic treatment :Ayurveda is being viewed in the Western countries as a rarefied science. It is not just unfolding, it is changing as well as advancing. It says that “every tree bark, every leaf, and every root in the plant has medicinal value”. India being a country rich in medicinal plants and herbs, and also with a cool climate of monsoon, ayurvedic treatments are most judicious here.

For suitable and best healthcare, ayurveda takes into consideration of exercise, individual’s nutrition, social interaction and personal hygiene. These medical solutions are used for curing the diseases permanently.

As India possessing a worthy climate, especially the coolness of monsoon which is the most suitable for this medicinal practice, the country is the first preference for ayurvedic treatment. We have the best and vast treasures of medicinal herbs which provides a low cost treatment to the needies. As we have the availability of every factors at once, there is no need to wait for the treatment to be practiced.

Being the origin and the core of ayurveda, we provide the best world class quality treatment. India, the land having a great history of rich cultural heritage, we are the best to grant you the superlative treatment in ayurveda by valuing the entire principles. Following our ethics, we render a personalized service to the our defenders.


“Meditrawell”, the well experienced and well established Medical Tourism Portal in India provides Affordable Medical Treatments in Kerala. It is located in Kerala state kochi, which famously known as the God’s Own Country to the world. Meditrawell is the famous Medical Tourism Agency in Kochi provides both ayurvedic and allopathic with the aid of experienced doctors.

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