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[tabby title=”WHO WE ARE”]

Medi Trawell  is registered under  Optimus Medical Services Pvt Ltd which is  a well established and well experienced Medical Tourism portal from India. It is one of the most trusted medical tourism planner in India managed by Doctors(both Allopathic and Ayurveda) & well experienced tour operation team. It runs through values and morals.Our main aim is to achive customer satisfaction by providing quality health care services. We are an organisation engaged in promotion of medical tourism in India. We are associated with Hospitals, Resorts, wellness center ,dental hospital &clinics & naturopathy yoga centers in Kerala and other states .We have certain package and that can be customized as requirement of patient. Meditrawell is devoted to its customers & ensures our customer that the Hospital/Resort does not do any unwanted procedure or the patient is not over billed.

Many people from all parts of the world are considering the India as destination for the cost effective medical tourism. Meditrawell is your trusted medical value travel planners established in south India surrounded by huge landscape of nature. It is located in Kerala state Cochin, which is also familiar to the world as Gods Own Country due to its picturesque nature all around. Our location offers peaceful environment for the visitor while our experienced doctors in all the prominent fields always accessible in clearing their health woes successfully. Meditrawell is best blend of allopathic and ayurveda doctors with extensive experience in treatment and health trip planning.

Meditrawell in Cochin is now turned into the best synonym for the medical tourism in India through its extensive experienced planning for the foreigners treatment needs. . Every day many foreigners visit our place to get their health checked up at the same time to visit the nature from the different angle of the world. Our hospitality and care always a best sought after one for many foreign nationals as we kept on receiving calls and emails with their enquiries. Our staff cordially monitors their all enquiries and offers the best suggestion in a way their dream to visit India can be fulfilled very easily and economically besides helping them to plan their treatment trip successful.

Health care is nowadays very costly affair at almost all places in the world. Importantly, treatment from a specialist is nowadays costing moon and earth for the patients too. Here, Meditrawell is standing as a best and reliable source with added economy and trip pleasure in it. A visit to India can now relieve them from many chronic health problems while the surrounding serene natures offer additional natural treatment. It is definitely a must and should visit now for many people to India and seeking guidance and help from Meditrawell on their treatment needs can turn into beneficial in many ways.

Meditrawell is established by a group of experienced doctors those with good contacts and good idea with all major & prominent hospitals in and around. It is our extensive knowledge, which specialist is doing well and which is not. This is helping us a lot in guiding our foreign guests those are visiting India for their treatment needs. Our current and past record in this field is helping us a lot to be of help for our customers. Our website is currently made into more interactive for this purpose too. A person from any part of the world can easily gather valuable information about our medical tourism offers and facilities from online. This will offer clear insight about, what you will be getting through this visit and Meditrawell is always successful in keeping up to the level of your expectations too. Reach us any time online and support team will stand as reasonable help for all your queries. Meditrawell and its location is a best assurance for the good rest for the patient besides successful treatment from the professional doctors and hospitality staff being an additional reward.

To cater the fast growing requirement of our guest we are on the look out of many more associates at different countries.

If you can provide the guest/ patient and wish to associate with us and reach on an agreement for a mutually beneficial association.

Expecting your full support cooperation and waiting for your positive response at the earliest.

Any interested client can give me a mail back or call me at +91 9495489787.

[tabby title=”What We Do”]

Meditrawell is your trusted medical value travel facilitator. Definitely, India is a best medical tourism hub now, but guidance is lacking for the travelers in many areas. This is where Meditrawell emerged as a facilitator and a best interface between the travelling patient and the prospective hospital that can treat well the patient. Our main aim is to facilitate things easily for the foreign patient in a way there will be no loopholes, extra billing or wastages. Importantly, patient’s health needs and treatment plans will be best judged by the Meditrawell panel of doctors. Our main aim and motto is to offer the best and rewarding experience to all our foreign travelers those are visiting India expecting the best treatment.

Treatment is always a tiresome process for the patients. But, with Meditrawell it is made almost like a cakewalk. There will be no hassles and extra spending through our guidance and help. You coming to India for treatment with the help of us will result into a great experience and there is a great guidance and support you always can expect with us too. We keep everything serene and advance knowledge to you about the things those are going to take place with your treatment. Also, there will be extra assistance with us you can expect with regards to the arrangement of suitable stay and best sightseeing in and around.

There will be constant attention to the patient family too with regards to the patient recovery status. There will be more reliable treatment practice that you will be receiving from us. We always value our visitors and keep them comfortable from all angles throughout their visit. Your prior reservation for treatment with us through online can result into availing airport pickup by car, hotel accommodation arrangements, local sim card provision, cuisine arrangement basing up on the interest, hospital transfer from hotel, and many more besides keeping ambulance ready always for any type of emergencies too.

Medical Tourism from Meditrawell is truly reliable and rewarding. We pay utmost value to the visitors’ interest and we will keep language interpreters if necessary too. Also, there will be no wastage of your time through pre-reserving your consultation with the specialist doctor too. We can arrange private nurse on request at any time too. You can avail our help for foreign currency exchange too. We want this trip of yours not alone for the treatment purpose and added it with luxury holiday packages too. You will get a chance to see the nature and scenic locations nearby through our special packages. It is definitely worth relying up on our medical tourism for your needs.

[tabby title=”HOW IT WORK”]
Since after India emerged as the best and reliable medical tourism hub, people from all parts of the world making good use of it. Foreigners intended to obtain treatment as well as pleasure trip are mostly banking up on Kerala based Medical Tourism choices like Meditrawell. Here, we’re always special than all other in this field. We work based on the interests of the prospective visitors:

  • A visitor from any part of the world can access our support team at our online website through the enabled chat facility.
  • Our support team handles any type of query online and answers promptly with facts and possibilities.
  • It is always a best practice to share your medical reports to our support team in order to convey the same to the panel of doctors of Meditrawell to obtain the sought out response of the visitor.
  • Patient or prospective visitor will receive prompt reply from our doctors’ panel within 24 hours along with automated receipt on the communication.
  • Our panel of doctors will submit a treatment plan for the patient after duly analyzing the reports.
  • Interested patient on the treatment plan can seek estimate for it from our online support team.
  • There will be clear details in the estimate with break up on surgeon details and hospital details.
  • There is further chance for the patient to seek paid service expert opinion on the treatment and our senior consultant panel doctor will be of reasonable help in this regard.
  • There will be choices and further options from our team regarding treatment availing.
  • It is advised to confirm a date for traveling to initiate the treatment and this will enable our support team to arrange necessary appointments in advance in order to alleviate the time wastage to good extent.
  • It is important to confirm us the choice made by the patient for the treatment and this will make us keep things intact further.
  • It is good to send us your passport copy; air ticket copy and visa copy so as our travel desk make necessary arrangement for your help.
  • It is imperative to make an advance payment for the treatment, which will be used effectively by us in booking hotel accommodation, hospital and bystanders needs.

On Arrival

  • Our travel desk team will receive you at airport and transport you on a car to the hotel accommodation or else to the hospital based up on the patient interest and necessity.
  • Our support team will take better care of your food arrangement if there are any prior requests or otherwise suggestions will be made in a way everything can suit well to your interest.
  • There will be availability of taxi or ambulance always besides keeping the medical executive available always too.
  • Patient will be transported to the hospital on the informed schedules for the reporting at the hospital and to consult with the specialist. Also, an interpreter will be arranged for this purpose on the request too.
  • We will be of help throughout the treatment keeping everything on schedule like pre operative checkups, surgery and admission assistance. Also, you can avail nurse assistance 24 hours on request too. There will be daily medical bulleting with regards to patient’s health status.
  • We can arrange local tours for the bystanders of the family and some cases patients are allowed to participate in these tours with prior permission from the specialist doctor.
  • There will be strict governance on the treatment in a way leaving no scope for levying excess billing on the patient.
  • Successful treatment will result into the discharge of the patient. We will accept all types of payment modes from the patient like credit card, online payment and some more.
  • Patient will be free to go back to hotel and doctor will recommend if there is any follow up required on the treatment.
  • We will be glad to be of help and service to the patient in a systematic way.